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Benefits of Ever Sheen Cocoa Butter Cream

  • It helps to relieve stretched skin.
  • It helps to get rid of dry skin
  • It helps to soothe skin irritation.
  • It helps to even out the skin tone.
  • It helps to soften the skin.

8.45 fl.oz. – 250 ml

for a softer younger feeling skin

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2024/06/27 - 2024/07/04

Cocoa butter is so beneficial in many ways. With Ever sheen cocoa butter, you have all that you look for in a body cream. It is a perfect skin moisturizer that does more than just hydrate the skin. It actually goes further to heal it from inside out too. Ever sheen cocoa butter is also good for chapped lips and perfectly deals with the effects of sun damage or extremely cold temperatures. Worried about aging? Well with ever sheen cocoa butter, you have nothing to worry about. It diminishes all signs of aging and helps you look young and radiant all the time. For men, it is also good for use as shaving cream and for treating burns and other infections. As you can see, the benefits of ever sheen cocoa butter are endless.

Additional information

Weight 243 kg
Dimensions 7 × 30 × 7 cm


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